Rubaru Series 2009

 “Layers are what give depth to all that we witness, work with, know and live. Capturing the experience of those layers is the challenge of a creative form. The art of photography is not simply about witnessing what is before you but about interpreting the most subtle nuances of that presence. Rubaru series is part of a theatre installation which attempts to communicate that experience as well as inspire insight into who we become when we come face to face with ourselves or others. Encounters which find their unique language in the variable hues, colours, composites, form and depth through which we might realize ourselves as unique multiple aspects of that wonderful infinite whole.”

Rubaru Series-A Photoart Installation by Naina Kapur for “Rubaru- RK in Russia”- A Film-Theatre Production by Rima Chibb & Smita Bharti (Hungry Hearts Festival, 2009)

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