About The Artist

Born in Uganda, brought up in Edinburgh and then Canada, I qualified as a lawyer from England. At the age of 25, life choices led me to settle and work in India. My journey as a social activist, Supreme Court litigator and Ngo leader has engaged me in women’s equality rights for most of my professional life. Even in those places, a creative vision has led me towards innovative change.

Having moved from the hustle and ideology of that time, I found myself increasingly inclined to channel my creative energy towards a more expansive movement in my life. In 2005 I began to explore my creative frontiers through ,mixed media. En route, Photo Art found its way into my imagination and has grown into a primary creative force.

I constantly explores the depth of who we become within a given reality, be it the feminine form (Buddhist Nun Series), face to face encounters (Rubaru Series), the liberating forms of freedom (Freedom series) or the ongoing practice of Dharma, (Dharma Series). Personal projects have enabled me to explore the vast possibilities of a creative depth. The combination of art composition, photography, digital processing and the rich experience of life have equipped me with a unique palette through which to blend the elements of how I absorb life within and around me.