Nun Series 2009

Nun Series is based on photographs largely taken in Dharamshala. When we think of ‘spiritual’ beings in a Buddhist context, baldness is often associated with the masculine over feminine form- monks as distinct from nuns. For me, the starkness of a bald woman has always provided a more dramatic visual. It is revelatory. As a woman, perception often defines the distance between who we are, how we live and the true nature of our being. Meeting the nuns of Dharamshala (young girls to old women) and participating in the apparent ‘routine’ of their day revealed in stark contrast the reality of my own daily life and existence. From “classroom” questions on the experience of emptiness, I witnessed them “debate” the meaning of interdependence, “reflect” on Buddha nature, and “pray” for the benefit of all sentient beings- actions which have left indelible imprints on my own spiritual path and process. I created these photos to share my experience of the beauty, purity and radiance in their seeking which has manifest into something of my own.

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