Freedom Series 2009

Freedom is about release. Be it the constraints of a physical world, a relationship, aging, our public image, or an inner self, we each seek release from something. “In relating to people, I find myself engaged with multiple layers, both mine and theirs. From the obvious personality that sometimes hides us from our own truth to the most subtle level which embodies the pure eloquence of who we truly are- each is revelatory. In that disclosure we discover that which limits us and that which expands us. When we arrive at what sets us free, nothing ever looks the same again”.

Freedom Series” invites the visitor to discover their own affinity with the joy, struggle, innocence, silence, reflection, and transformative depictions of that which emerges when we embark on what sets us free.

Freedom Series- A Solo Exhibition by Naina Kapur (India), 2009- Epicentre, Gurgaon/ Singapore

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