• Rubaru Series 2009

     “Layers are what give depth to all that we witness, work with, know and live. Capturing the experience of those layers is the challenge of a creative form. The art of photography is not simply about witnessing what is before you but about interpreting the most subtle nuances of that presence. Rubaru series is part …

  • Audio-Visual Projects

    Faulaad Ka Stambh (Iron Pillar)- A Multi-media production written by Priya Om Jha; Directed By Smita Bharti, PhotoArt Images by Naina Kapur. Some of the Photoart created to compliment the script for a film project.

  • Portraits- With A Difference

    A Portrait conveys more than a photograph. It makes visible all the layers (overt and subtle) which make up the elements of an individual/family or group. It tells the story of an essence.